What is a Lanyard?

elastic lanyards

Lanyards, in their simplest form, are strips of material or rope that are generally used to secure something, often by means of a suitable clip.

In the context of sports or activities such as climbing or sailing, the lanyard may be used to secure lines and raise and lower things such as sails and shrouds.

personalised lanyard

The most common place to find lanyards these days is in the workplace. They consist of a chord or strip of material that is worn around the neck or wrist and are produced with a plastic or metal clip used to hold onto an item such as an identity badge holder.

They can also be used to secure keys, mobile phone, ski lift passes, whistles or even cameras.

The beauty of the modern day company lanyard is its combination of simplicity and functionality. Not only are they widely used for workplace ID management, but they can be customised or branded, adding potential marketing value for your company logo as they're worn.

In other words, businesses can have their company logo and/or message displayed on their neck straps: a great way for people to quickly identify staff members.

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Printed Lanyards

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Dye Sublimation Lanyards

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