What is a Lanyard? Facts, Figures & Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The History of the Lanyard?

Lanyards, in their simplest form, are strips of material or rope that are generally used to secure something. Historically they were used to secure shields, armour or weapons in a military context. They can still be found as part of many military uniforms, often in a ceremonial rather than practical context.

What Are Lanyards Used For

Nowadays lanyards are a key item of workwear, used for displaying ID cards, access cards/fobs or similar.

In the context of sports such as climbing or sailing, the lanyard may be used to secure lines and raise and lower things such as sails and shrouds. They can also be found in certain safety critical work environments where they can be used for connecting harnesses to secure anchor points or on cut off switches.

Why are Lanyards Called Lanyards?

The word lanyard comes from the French lanière meaning a strap. This gave us the Middle English word lanyer which referred to a strap or thong of material that was used to fasten clothing, weapons or armour.

What are Lanyards Made From?

Lanyards can be made from a wide range of materials including natural fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo, or man-made fibres like polyester. Wipe clean lanyards made from silicone or PVC can be found in hospitals and labs. We also stock metal chain lanyards and a wide selection of lanyards made from recycled plastics.

What can Be Used Instead of a Lanyard?

Lanyards can be interchanged with id clips or retractable ski reels or badge reels or a metal chain can be substituted for a fabric lanyard

Branded Lanyards & Office Security

Printed company lanyards are a great visibility tool for your organisation:

  • Quickly Identify Staff or Visitors
  • Offer Great High Impact Exposure for Your Brand or Logo
  • Helps Employees Feel Like a Valued Team Member
  • Low Cost Marketing

Common Lanyard Uses

A branded lanyard can be used across all areas of business from ID and access management, to allowing staff to login easily to tills or computer systems:

  • Securing Keys or Access Cards
  • Login Fobs for Tills or POS Systems
  • Securing Handheld Devices
  • Retractable Reels For Access Passes

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