What is a Lanyard?

Lanyards, in their simplest form, are strips of material or rope that are generally used to secure something. In the context of sports such as climbing or sailing, the lanyard may be used to secure lines and raise and lower things such as sails and shrouds.

More recently lanyards have become a must have item of workwear.

Bespoke Lanyards & Office Security

Branded company lanyards are a great promotional tool for your organisation:

  • Quickly Identify Staff or Visitors
  • Offer Great High Impact Exposure for Your Brand or Logo
  • Helps Employees Feel Like a Valued Team Member
  • Low Cost Marketing

Common Lanyard Uses

A personalised lanyard can be used across all areas of business from ID and access management, to allowing staff to login easily to tills or computer systems:

  • Securing Keys or Access Cards
  • Login Fobs for Tills or POS Systems
  • Securing Handheld Devices in Retail, Bars & Restaurants or Couriers
  • Reels for Passes for Doors, Ski-lifts or Other Controlled Access Areas

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