Environmental & Sustainability Policy

We are committed to sustainable development and concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of this commitment. Our aim is to minimise the impact on the environment from our operations as much as possible. We do this by:

Trees For Life Logo

We have committed to supporting, on an ongoing basis, the Trees For Life project, which restores and rewilds parts of the Scottish Highlands, including the ancient Caledonian Forest, an old-growth temperate rainforest and unique ecosystem which provides a habitat for some of the rarest and most threatened plants, birds and animals in the UK.

Trees for life work in partnership with local communities, land owners and mangers, and government agencies to restore the ancient forest. This ensures that the forest is not only better able to support the unique wildlife found there, but also sequesters carbon, reduces the flood and erosion risk and provides an ecosystem which supports sustainable tourism and employment for remote communities.

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