Customise Your Lanyard with Clips & Accessories!

Our custom lanyards are supplied with a single trigger clip as standard. You can choose from a wide variety of alternative clips from the selection below to personalise your lanyards.

Double clip lanyards, perfect for conferences and events, can also be supplied.

Our stock of pre-printed lanyards are supplied with trigger clips and cannot be customised. If you require any of our pre-printed stock lanyards with alternative clips these would have to be custom made.

Standard Lanyard Clips

Trigger Clips

Tigger Clip for your Lanyard
Our high quality metal trigger clip is provided as standard.

Dog Clips

Dog Clip for your Lanyard
Choose this slim, lightweight traditional metal clip at no additional cost

Crocodile Clips

Crocodile Clip for your Lanyard
Another popular, lightweight clip available at no additional cost

Keyring Clips

Keyring Clips for your Lanyard
A split ring keyring clip. Both lightweight and secure. Perfect for use with detachable extendable reels.

Premium Lanyard Clips

Lobster Clips

Lobster Clips for your Lanyard
A heavy-duty yet stylish nickel plated clip. Very classy indeed!


G Clips for your Lanyard
A middle-weight clip (lighter than the lobster clip) with a sprung trigger.

String Clips

String Clips, for electronic devices, for your Lanyard
A high quality clip with quick release action and a strong nylon loop for attaching your camera or phone.

Ski Reel Clips

Retractable Ski Reel for your Lanyard
An extending ski-reel fixed to your lanyards. The skireel can even be customised with your logo and clip!

Optional Extras

Safety Break

Safety Breaks for your Lanyard
A great health and safety feature. Some workplaces may require at least one of these breakaways. Multiple breaks can also be added.

Quick Release

Quick Release Buckle for your Lanyard
Quickly remove your ID or keys from your lanyard with a quick release buckle. Black or white (other colours available).

Metal Crimp

Metal Crimp or Ferrule for your Lanyard
A metal crimp (or ferrule, if we're being posh) for your lanyards - sits right behind the clip for added style.

Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers for your Lanyard
An integrated metal bottle opener makes a fabulous and functional accessory, especially for drinks promotions lanyards.

Why not combine your clips?

You could, for example, have both a trigger clip and phone/camera clip on each lanyard!

Double ended lanyards, with a clip at both ends, are great for conferences and events.

Multi Clip Lanyards
Double Clip Lanyard