A guide to finding the right lanyard for you

A handy guide to choosing the right lanyard for you.




  1. What type?

There are many types of lanyards available but don’t worry, it’s not an uncommon question and one we are happy to help with.  Here’s a list of our most popular lanyards to get you started –

Plain Lanyards: 1 colour, unprinted, with trigger clip and safety break. We have 17 colours in stock, available for next day delivery*. So if you’re looking for something simple, cost effective and fast; this is the product for you.

Pre-printed Lanyards: Lanyards with our most commonly requested generic terms eg STAFF, VISITOR, STUDENT etc. These are only available in a selected range of colours, but are budget friendly and are available for same day dispatch*.

Bootlace: Using a technique to weave the polyester material into a bootlace style, these lanyards are incredibly enduring and work well for simple designs or text that can be screen printed. Bootlace lanyards are only available in 1cm or 1.5cm widths.

Flat ribbed Polyester: This is the material used for our most popular lanyards. It comes in any width and is used with the screen printing process. It is budget friendly, wears well and can be pantone matched free of charge**.

Flat smooth Polyester: Used for either screen prints or more commonly heat transfer designs. Flat smooth polyester is often refereed to as ‘ribbon’ and offers the same shiny, high end look.

Woven: Ideal as a more heavy duty lanyard, woven material is best suited to simple designs in 1 or 2 colours. These take slightly longer to manufacture but offer a more robust product.

Satin: Our luxury style. Satin lanyards have a high MOQ but really help add that finishing touch to your event or brand. They are double layered with either a heat transfer or embroidered finish, and come with a luxury clip as standard.



  1. What size?

Lanyards are generally either 1cm, 1.5cm or 2cms wide, with length of 90cm for adult lanyards. We do not charge any extra for these widths so you are free to chose whichever width will work best for your logo or design without being restricted by price. If you feel an even wider, longer or shorter lanyard is needed we can discuss this with you too.




  1. What colour?

We stock 17 colours for use on any lanyard from 50 units up, however if you are looking to order 100 lanyards or more then we can Pantone match to your company colours for free! Please ensure Pantone reference has a “C” suffix as we can only pantone match within the coated range.




  1. What printing method?

Your design can be applied to the lanyard using a few printing methods.Screen Print: For bootlace, flat ribbed or flat smooth we can use a screen print – in 1-4 colours. This is ideal for simple designs and using block colours. It is essentially a stencil which is laid over the lanyard and colour filled in on top. Any colour variation or blend from 1 colour to another will require…

Heat Transfer: Or dye sublimation is a technique used for complex designs or full colour designs. The design is literally heat transferred onto the material so it cannot be removed. Although exact pantone matching is not guaranteed this process is quick and is best used with flat smooth material.



  1. What Clip?

Our lanyards are supplied with metal trigger clips as standard, however you can change this to a dog clip, crocodile clip or keyring clip for no extra charge. We also offer mobile clips, lobster clips and ski reels, at additional cost. If however you require something a bit different then please let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.


  1. Anything else?

A safety break is a useful extra to your lanyard. This means that the lanyard will break at a selected point or points if caught or pulled. Please check when ordering your lanyards as this may be required by your work place as part of your health and safety guidelines.

You could also add a quick release buckle, ideal for removing your ID card or keys attached to your lanyard.

Or How about a second clip to create a double ended lanyard?

A metal crimp can also be added to your lanyards just behind the clip.

And the list goes on! This is your custom product, if you can’t see the attachment or extra you need let us know and we’ll do our best to source it for you.


  1. Do you need a cardholder?

We stock a range of soft PVC cardholders in 5 sizes, all available for next day delivery*.We also keep a large stock of rigid cardholders, size 86x54mm, in both portrait and landscape format.



  1. What’s next?

Once you have decided what style of lanyard is right for you just fill out our quote request form and one of our sales team will contact you with a full quotation, including lead times and artwork requirements. We are also happy to send a sample pack to you showing similar lanyards so you can become more familiar with the product and get a feel for the materials and techniques used.


If you feel that you have a question we have been unable to answer in the guide above please email [email protected] and we would be happy to help you.



* Next day delivery only applies to working days Monday-Friday and only available if order placed and payment received before 1.30pm.  Orders received after this time will be sent for next again working day.

** Pantone matching only available on orders of 100 units/per colour or more.  Pantone reference must be from the Coated range – with “C” suffix.

Friday the 13th

Well it’s here again! And so far no one I know has bumped their car or snagged their jumper or worst of all lost their favourite lanyard (knock on wood)!

Here’s some of our favourite superstitions here at lanyard.co.uk, be sure to leave some of yours in the comments below.

  • Don’t put new shoes on a table
    A superstition dating back to who knows when but supposed to signify bad luck or death. Better not be doing that one then.
  • Walking under a ladder
    A classic no no thanks to the symbolism associated with triangles. An open ladder forming a triangle was generally considered to be a symbol of life, and hell mend those who would break it by walking through!
  • Never pick up a glove you’ve dropped
    Apparently if you drop your own glove bad luck will follow if you pick it up yourself, good fortune though for you and the good soul who picks it up for you (just a shame if you’ve to hang around with one chilly hand while waiting on said good soul popping by)
  • Itchy palm/hand
    Left palm – money out, Right palm – money in. Simple as that, I wish!
  • Salute a lone Magpie
    A salute followed by a chorus of “Good morning Mr Magpie, how’s the wife and kids?” upon seeing one of these black and white birds, will show respect to the mythically unlucky Magpie and ensure he flies away leaving you without incident. Don’t do it though and bad luck is sure to befall you.
  • See a penny, pick it up
    (together now…) All day long you’ll have good luck! Considering this saying has origins as far back as the Pagans inflation may dictate you would need to find something much larger than a penny to increase your fortune, however it’s hard not to love a rhyming saying isn’t it!

I hope the rest of your Friday goes smoothly! Enjoy the weekend folks, and…

Baby it’s cold outside…

custom printed lanyard

We all made it into work more or less intact today, I’m pleased to report (a few minor car prangs aside).

So we’re taking orders and despatching your lovely lanyards as usual, but please allow for unpredictable courier delays due to the wintry conditions.

Stay safe!

We are living in a material world…

And I am a material girl!  Well a lanyard material girl more specifically.

Lanyards can be created from a range of different materials from cord to polyester, to bamboo to silk.  Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones we supply.










The Bootlace lanyard we supply is made from polyester and is styled, as the name would suggest, to look like a bootlace.  It can be either 1cm or 1.5cm wide, and due to the styling gives a more sturdy finish.  This style is perfect for screen printing and can be Pantone matched to any Coated range colour.  The Pantone matching does take slightly longer with bootlace, this is down to the thickness of the design, however rest assured the same colour matching service is possible.  Here at Lanyard.co.uk we love this style so much we use it for the majority of our Pre-Printed lanyards, including staff, student and volunteer (above).


Flat-ribbed Polyester








Flat-ribbed Polyester is by far our most popular lanyard material.  It works great with screen printing and can be used for widths from 1cm up to 2.5cm or 3cm width if necessary.  The flat design means your text or logo will appear clearly, and the option of having the greater width of material means design will really stand out!  The slight ribbed effect makes this a great “working lanyard” and helps make your lanyard stand out against your clothing or uniform.  The polyester has a nice soft feel, that won’t irritate, making it ideal for lanyards designed to be worn all day, every day or by young children at school or on outings.


Smooth Polyester (Full Colour Lanyards)






Commonly referred to as ribbon or “satin”, the flat smooth polyester is ideal for both heat transfer (full colour printed) lanyards.  The smooth material allows the dye of the heat transfer to settle without any lumps, bumps or missing pieces, and makes for some truly stunning lanyard designs.  Alternatively if you want to make your screen printed design really stand out, using a smooth material lanyard can really help to achieve this – a real luxury lanyard (more information on this lanyard is coming soon).  Another plus point for the flat smooth polyester is, well just that!  It is sooooo smooth and a delight to wear, especially for a significant period of time.  Commonly used for high end events, flat smooth polyester certainly does have that more luxurious feel and is a favourite of some of our most well known customers.


Black, White, Black, White, Purple?


It occurred to me today, having just finished a mock up for a particularly fabulous and colourful eye catching lanyard, just how big a difference the right material and design can make to a promotional product.

Now I realise this may sound like an obvious statement to make but please let me explain…

The majority of people with any kind of colourful logo or text tend to ask for a black or white lanyard as the background for their design.  Now while this is pretty much a fail-safe, in that it will make their logo or design visible, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it will show their design or logo off to its best or most memorable effect!

The same can be said for material.  Now as we already know, not all lanyards are created equal – and ours are better than most (bias of course,but really have you seen any better)?  Yet an overwhelming amount of people insist on looking for say a woven lanyard, with a 14 point design to be worn all day by a nursery or teaching assistant…why!!!!

Please!  Try a beautiful heat transferred, smooth material lanyard.  This will not only make a design stand out, but will also be comfortable to wear! Or how about some flat ribbed polyester, printed with a metallic silver text?  Stunning, durable and most importantly,cost effective.

Now I’m not saying their isn’t a place for black, white or even woven material lanyards.  I have worked on a spectacular green woven lanyard, with a blue text that was perfect for a summer camp and really made the most of the font and design used.  I’ve also worked on fantastic white lanyards with multi coloured designs on smooth material that looked so high end and really make the lanyard a stand out product on its own, because the design worked so well.


Just don’t be afraid to make your product stand out.  That’s the point!  I love hearing from a customer who has only their logo and companies guidelines to include their corporate colours – lets go for it!  A lanyard for a boating gala, red on the left side, blue on the right with the text in white on either side – amazing!  Or a school whose uniform includes a purple jumper – lets give the teachers a matching or comlementary smooth lanyard with a design including the school crest!design-is-not-just

As the saying goes – the world is your oyster (or Oxter if you’re from the West of Scotland), get creative, this is your brand, your product, your design.  If you’re on a deadline or aren’t sure what would work best – ask!  We know what works but always love to see the result of new and exciting design options and colour combinations.  We love lanyards and will keep doing this as long as our lovely customers want us to.